3PL Fulfillment Services

3PL Retail Fulfillment, Drop-Shipping, & Distribution

Retail Fulfillment & Distribution is Distribution Alternative’s core business.

Your 3PL retail fulfillment strategy needs to be comprehensive to keep up with your customer’s ever changing requirements. Distribution Alternatives drop-ships to almost every major retailer in the United States and Canada as well as countless smaller independent stores and chains. We are ready to assist and comply with even the most demanding retailer’s needs.

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Bad experiences with inventory management or EDI in the past?
Inventory Integrity and EDI Services Are Our Specialties >>


Inventory integrity is our foremost priority and we stand behind our record.  We execute flawless order fulfillment by using the state-of-the-art WMS and proprietary order processing systems to ensure order accuracy. We constantly monitor your customer’s routing guides, and our in-house technical team provides us the unique flexibility to comply with even the most difficult requirements.

DA offers comprehensive EDI services that communicate directly with your retail customers. We provide all of the necessary EDI and labeling services the largest retail customers demand from their vendors. Our routing and drop-shipping services are tuned to have all your orders picked up on time with the lowest possible freight costs.


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E-Commerce Fulfillment

No matter how complicated or customized your picking and shipping process is, we can handle it.

You don’t lift a finger. Orders placed on your website will be shipped direct to your customers accurately and on-time. We pick, pack, and ship thousands of direct-to-consumer fulfillment orders to our client’s demanding customers every day, the same day they are received.

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Dedicated Service & In-House Technology Team
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Our service doesn’t end at the warehouse. We are proud of our long history of exceptional customer service and IT support. We listen to our clients.  We understand your needs and are able to implement systems and processes that will help your business grow.

We offer a wide variety of completely transparent logistic services. We become your operations department and warehouse manager. We handle all freight and drop-shipping functions for our clients.


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Business to Business Fulfillment

We understand the importance of speed but we never lose sight of our primary goal, providing exceptional and accurate service.

No routing rules are too complex. No demands too difficult.  You need a fulfillment company with experience with all of the big box stores. The team at DA has that experience and reputation.

Distribution Alternatives is also able to provide the I.T. support necessary to handle your EDI requirements. You have a huge advantage in our on-site programming staff.

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A complete staff
ready to take care of any special needs


From re-packing and display building to special labeling, we’ve got you covered. No needs are too complex.

Kitting and Special Projects

As your demands become more complex and innovative, the need arises for special activities to comply with the changing needs of your business. From building pallet displays and gift assembly, to special labeling needs, we are flexible and innovative in supplying these “Value Added” services to satisfy your needs.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Corporately located in St. Paul Minnesota, Distribution Alternatives operates over 2,000,000 square feet of warehouse space in four facilities from the Midwest to the Port of Long Beach, California.

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