Technical Advantage

Proprietary EDI Solutions that Support Your Distribution Strategies

To ensure the steady flow of your merchandise through your supply chain you must maintain an accurate and timely flow of information. Distribution Alternatives provides the I.T. support to handle your customer’s EDI requirements, and provide the shipping verification and reporting needs you have to possess to successfully direct your business.

There is a huge advantage for you and our other clients by having Distribution Alternatives operate an on-site programming staff. We are able to react quickly to any EDI changes required by your customers, because we are not tied to any outside programming entity. We are flexible to work with multiple formats and remain compatible with most systems. We are the solution to your technical needs for shipping and warehousing.

We offer the following Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to receive and send the order information required by your customers:

  • Establish EDI trading partnerships for you with your customers
  • Integrate directly with your system using all appropriate EDI protocols.
  • Monitor and maintain the connections, as well as update the system when required.
  • Print and apply the appropriate EDI labels, and transmit all EDI confirmations.


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Fulfillment & Shipping Reports

Distribution Alternatives offers reports online. All the data provided in our web reports is downloadable and directly importable into spreadsheets or most accounting systems. You have complete control on how the data is formatted in report grid and download files. Once you have created a formatted report you can save it as a view for repeated use. You can also choose to have the saved view emailed to you on a fixed schedule.